Revel Body Is A Crowdfunded Personal Massager

Do you suffer from “sore elbows, wrists and hands from having to hold small and awkward shapes?” Have you found that “products are confusing to impossible to control?” Do you know what a phthalates is and are you embarrassed by the packaging of your favorite personal massager products? Has Revel Body got a product for you.

This crowdfunded project aims to make your alone time (or time spent with friends) more rewarding. The product, essentially a sonic vibrator, is designed for ladies and, presumably, men. The team, led by Robin Elenga, has created a high-frequency system for offering a better “buzz” during those moments when you’re visiting the Palms Hotel.

The product offers “50 percent more power” and “400 percent vibration range” and reduces the vibrations felt in the hand and focuses those vibrations on sore muscles and/or your vagina.

The product uses a resonating motor to offer a larger range of vibration speeds and sensations and it’s shaped like a tennis ball to reduce the strain on wrists and other body parts. It’s run on a rechargeable battery that connects to any USB port and offers nearly silent operation, unlike similar linear-motor-powered vibrators. Because it doesn’t exactly look like a traditional vibrator you could even put it in a place of honor on your bedside table or office desk.


The vibrator comes (to your house) for a pledge of $140. You can get two for $220. They are hoping to raise $50,000 and are nearly there so they just need that extra push to get them over the edge. I suppose, given the circumstances, we should probably help them out.