USB 2.0

USB 3.0 adoption could be slowed because of lack of demand

<img src="" />Willing to spend $300+ on a fancy motherboard just so you can get <a HREF="">USB 3.0</

Review: Targus USB Hub for Mac

Yeah, I know, it’s a USB hub. But this little guy from Targus is pretty neat. It’s geared towards the Mac crowd with its color scheme, but that shouldn’t deter Windows or Linux folk.

Lexar ExpressCard SSD Review

Lexar recently unveiled its ExpressCard SSD line, a collection of solid state drives that come in 4GB, 8GB and 16GB flavors. I’ve had the opportunity to test one of the 8GB models extensively ov

Toshiba Enters Portable Hard Drive Market

Having a cluttered desk can suck. So purchasing space-saving electronics can really be a key factor in keeping tidy. Toshiba’s new hard drives are less than an inch thick and smaller than a 4&#2

Belkin Makes Those Desk Grommet Holes Useful

Belkin has finally made those lame grommet holes in our desks useful with a trio of In-Desk products. Two are USB 2.0 hubs with 4 ports that are either angled or flush depending on your preference. Th

TrekStor 3-1 HD Setup

TrekStor might be better known for their outrageously expensive MP3 player, but they will attempt to change this façade at CeBIT with a 3-1 HD setup. The 3.5-inch hard disk has a dual USB 2.0 hub and