Review: Targus USB Hub for Mac


Yeah, I know, it’s a USB hub. But this little guy from Targus is pretty neat. It’s geared towards the Mac crowd with its color scheme, but that shouldn’t deter Windows or Linux folk.

The Hub is compact and has four USB 2.0 slots that are concealed behind a rubbery wraparound cable. The wraparound cable is what plugs into your USB port (duh, I know). I have nothing bad to say about this hub other than the rubber cable attracts all sorts of lint and dust from my bag. What I liked the most about this one is the length of the wraparound cable and how it just dangles about without taking up a lot of real estate around other ports on my laptop. I don’t see it being ripped from the hub itself very easily, either.

You can find other hubs on Amazon for cheaper, but it all boils down to form factor and what you’re looking for. I don’t really think $20 is too much to ask for a 2.0 hub, though. And other hubs from the likes of Belkin and Kensington are priced the same.


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