• Back To School: The Best Ultrathin Notebook

    Back To School: The Best Ultrathin Notebook

    Ultrabooks aren’t a hard sell. They’re super thin, really light, and powerful enough to handle everyday tasks (including a little gaming) with aplomb. That’s why I’d recommend them to students looking for a thin, light, and cheap way to get some great computing power without weighing down your backpack. To that end, we gathered up four promising thin-and-light… Read More

  • New X-Slim X600 Pro from MSI looks slick

    While I wouldn’t say, as MSI does, that this laptop is “Shattering the Boundaries of Ultra-thin Technology,” it does look like a hot little item. It’s got a 15.6″ screen but is only an inch thick, which is a pretty good ratio. Its shiny black finish (scratch-proof but somehow I don’t think fingerprint-proof) will attract eyes wherever you go, and the… Read More

  • AMD specs its new ultrathins, but no pictures yet

    I know, you like posts with pictures in them. Well, too bad! AMD’s new ultrathin platform isn’t quite ready for its close-up yet. If you remember last year, they introduced the dv2 with HP as the first entry in their ultrathin platform, and I liked pretty much everything but the trackpad and the fact that it came with Vista. The new ultrathins are going to be better, faster… Read More

  • Ultra-thin laptops from ASUS, MSI, and Acer will use new Intel processors

    A veritable cornucopia of ultra-thin laptops is expected from the likes of Asus, Acer, and MSI in the near future. The computers will use Intel’s forthcoming low and ultra-low voltage Penryn CPUs, the Celeron 743 and the SU2300. Read More

  • Review: HP Pavilion dv2 ultrathin notebook

    When HP and AMD pitched the idea of a laptop with price and capabilities between those of netbooks and regular notebooks, I was intrigued. Although many have been seduced by the netbook’s siren song, I’ve always been put off by their micro keyboards and tiny, low-res screens. Yet do I really need to lug my MacBook Pro everywhere I go when I’m just planning on editing a… Read More