• Txtr hires content veteran for its eBook platform

    Txtr, the eBook white label platform and maker of the txtr Reader, Germany’s answer to the Kindle, has hired a new content chief: Klaus Fuereder will be responsible for international content strategy and, specifically, courting publishers who might be interested in jumping on the “growing eReading bandwagon”, as txtr quite aptly puts it. Fifty-two years old, Fuereder is a… Read More

  • Txtr partners with Dutch e-tailer Bol.com to power its Samsung Galaxy eBook store

    Txtr, maker of the txtr Reader, Germany’s answer to the Kindle, is partnering with bol.com, Netherlands’ largest online retailer, to power its newly launched eBook store pre-installed on the Samsung Galaxy tablet and Android-based smartphones. In addition, an iPhone/iPad version will be available for download from bol.com. Similar to Amazon’s multi-device approach, with… Read More

  • Germany's answer to the Kindle to open its own app store

    [Germany] The txtr Reader, Germany’s answer to the Kindle, is to get its own app store. The Berlin-based company has announced an SDK so that developers can start writing apps for the eReader device, which, like the Kindle, supports over-the-air downloads and is powered by a version of Linux. Inevitably, there’s the carrot of monetization too for both third-party developers and… Read More

  • New e-reader "txtr": Germany's answer to the Kindle

    Deutsche Telekom’s e-book reader probably has gone the way of the Dodo, but the Germans are still getting a home-made Kindle competitor. The device, dubbed txtr, was announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair that’s happening in Deutschland right now, and it will become available in that country as soon as December 1 (as pre-order). The txtr is the product of a Berlin-based start-up of… Read More

  • Txtr reader: Vaporware ebook readers for all

    I want to upgrade my Kindle. I really do. The Kindle design is clunky, it’s starting to fall apart regularly, and the screen is hard on the eyes. But friends, my next Kindle – and next after that, ad infinitum – will be from Amazon unless Tuetonic company Txtr actually makes and sells the item you see before you. Sadly, I seriously doubt it will. Read More