• The New Twones: Delicious Meets StumbleUpon For Online Music

    Twones started life as a FriendFeed-type service that aggregated various music services into a single stream, which we dubbed a social music feed when we first caught wind of it. Problem was, the startup says, since users generally couldn’t play the music on their site and were constantly being directed to third-party websites and apps for streaming, people never really got that… Read More

  • How To Make Twitter Sound Like Music To Your Ears

    People generally love sharing things, and Twitter has made broadcasting updates to anyone who cares to care on what you’re doing, wearing, reading, commenting on, eating, using, etc. a breeze; in 140 characters or less, even. It’s only natural to see so many users also share which music they are listening to at any given moment on Twitter, as this has been a fairly popular use… Read More

  • Twones: A Social Music Feed (500 Beta Invites)

    The more that music moves online and is consumed in streams from multiple sites, the harder it is to keep track of what you listen to across the Web. A startup from Amsterdam called Twones is trying to make sense of all the noise. It acts as a social music feed of everything you and your friends are listening to, as well as a library of your favorite songs. It is in private beta, but the… Read More