How To Make Twitter Sound Like Music To Your Ears

People generally love sharing things, and Twitter has made broadcasting updates to anyone who cares to care on what you’re doing, wearing, reading, commenting on, eating, using, etc. a breeze; in 140 characters or less, even. It’s only natural to see so many users also share which music they are listening to at any given moment on Twitter, as this has been a fairly popular use of status feeds on other social networking and communication services for years (Facebook, Skype and Windows Live Messenger leap to mind).

Here’s a number of ways to use Twitter for just about anything related to music:

* – dubbed the “Twitter for Music” when we first reviewed the service, it got its own API in late 2008. enables anyone to start their own music station and broadcast tunes to Twitter and other status sharing services where people can interact with the choice of music.

* Twiturm does much of the same – upload music and share it with all your Twitter followers in a heartbeat. Intended for artists who want to share their own music, hence the name (“Twitter Ur Music”).

* Twisten.fmEscape Media Group linked its music discovery service Grooveshark and its URL shortening service TinySong with an application that crawls Twitter for messages about music (and “then you listen to them”).

* (anyone see a naming pattern here?) – type in an artist, track, and your twitter username. will then generate a track page for you using your twitter page design and you’ll be able to tweet it to your followers.

* Tweetj – include a #tweetj tag in your tweets when you’re listening to music and it’ll be posted to a public playlist. The playlist allows you to discover new music and immediately purchase tracks on Amazon.

* A similar service is WiiZZZ (yes, that’s the actual name) – it allows you to listen to entirely random songs that have been posted and shared by Twitter users on any given day.

* Play Twitter – allows you to easily play mp3 files directly on Twitter or MP3 links will automatically become playable right on the page.

* – this “URL shortener for all things music” was cooked up by MixMatchMusic and does exactly what you suspect it would do and therefore competes with the above mentioned TinySong and alternatives like

* TwittyTunes – Firefox extension that comes with another Firefox extension, Yahoo’s FoxyTunes, and allows you to instantly post your currently playing songs to Twitter with just a click.

* LastTweet – enables you to embed a widget with your latest tweets into your profile

* Update: LastFMLoveTweet is a mashup that automatically pushes a tweet from you carrying a track’s artist and name that you’ve indicated as a tune you loved on

* Update: will get your weekly artist data from Last.FM and send a tweet to your profile listing your top 3 listened artists for the week plus their respective play counts.

* Update: this site tracks the top music being listened to on Twitter

Also worth checking out, even if not directly related to Twitter: Nabbit (“connects your cellphone to your radio”), MuseBin (music news and reviews in 140 characters, like Blippr but music only) and Twones (the “social music feed”).

Did I miss any other apps, tools and websites worth noting?

Share them in the comments and I’ll be happy to update the post.

Update: it’s not Twitter-specific, but you can use Favtape to put together your own playlists / online mixtapes and share them on Twitter.