• Twitturly Sold For A Song

    We wrote that Twitturly filled a bit of a void when it was launched in April 2008 as a sort of Techmeme for all that gets linked on Twitter. Much of the initial excitement over its link tracking abilities ebbed away rather swiftly regardless, and competitors like Tweetmeme and Topsy have stolen much of Twitturly’s thunder since its launch. Joel Strellner, who started the project, finally… Read More

  • Get The Real-Time Twitter Scoop With Twitscoop

    Twitscoop, a real-time visualization tool that lets you see hot trends and buzz on Twitter, is getting a makeover and adding several useful features that may help you “mine the thought stream.” These features will roll out this morning. Twitscoop’s algorithm identifies tags and keywords in the Twitter stream and then ranks them by how frequently they appear versus normal usage. Read More

  • Twitturly Living Up To Its Potential As Great News Source

    I wrote about twitturly in April. The service scans Twitter, looks for links that people are talking about then organizes them by popularity on the home page, and the stories then degrade over time. Anyone who uses Digg, TechMeme, Reddit or other news aggregators will feel at home there. Right now, for example, the page is dominated by Firefox and Flickr news, which hit the headlines yesterday. Read More

  • Twitturly Cracks The TwitterMeme Nut

    People who hang out on Twitter a lot know that quite often big news breaks there first. A recent example – when Chinese hackers took down SportsNetwork, the news was on Twitter well before we covered it. But so far, unless you’re lucky enough to be following the right people, and online when the news breaks, you aren’t going to necessarily see the breaking news. Services… Read More