Twitturly Living Up To Its Potential As Great News Source

I wrote about twitturly in April. The service scans Twitter, looks for links that people are talking about then organizes them by popularity on the home page, and the stories then degrade over time. Anyone who uses Digg, TechMeme, Reddit or other news aggregators will feel at home there.

Right now, for example, the page is dominated by Firefox and Flickr news, which hit the headlines yesterday. I expect over the course of the day new items will start to take mindshare with Twitter users.

The best comparison for the service is Delicious Popular, which also shows popular links and degrades over time. Twitturly has the added benefit of seeing what users are saying about the links as well.

Based on the quality of the data (I was worried in my original post about spam) and the modest traffic growth at the still-young site, this looks like a winner. By winner I mean a service that I at least will check multiple times per day for possible news, and anything useful tends to have staying power. Twitter is becoming THE place that world news breaks first, and Twitturly is one of the tools that people can use to quickly filter what’s going on. The next time something big happens, I’ll try to remember to check the site and see how long it takes to filter from random Twitter messages to a top spot on Twitturly.