• Peter Jackson Raises $2 Million To Go After Cause Marketers At The Experience Project

    Cause marketing is taking off, with social networks like Facebook and Twitter providing the fuel, and companies are repositioning themselves to take advantage of these new marketing dollars. Peter Jackson, A silicon Valley veteran who was the CEO of Granite Systems and Intraware in the 1990s and sits on Eventbrite’s board, is putting on his CEO hat again to take the reigns at the… Read More

  • Ice Cream Maker Paying For Your Tweets To Save Honeybees

    Back in August, we covered the launch of TwitCause, a service not unlike Causes on Facebook, only built on top of Twitter. Basically, they find a cause to support (partially based on community feedback) and use Twitter to drive awareness for it. They also ask that you donate some money if you find the cause worthy. But today brings a new little twist: A sponsor willing to pay for any Twitter… Read More

  • TwitCause Is Yes, A Causes For Twitter

    Since the early days of the Facebook Platform, Causes has been one of the most popular apps. It’s also big on MySpace, and the company behind it recently announced that they had raised some $10,000,000 for various causes in two years. It makes sense; it’s using the social aspect of these platforms to spread the word on good initiatives. A new venture, TwitCause, from Experience… Read More