• Like #NewTwitter? Twidroyd Is Bringing Two-Pane Browsing To Android

    If you’ve tried New Twitter, you’re probably already hooked on the site’s slick two-pane browsing experience: tap on a tweet, and you’ll be able to view any linked YouTube videos, Flickr photos, and a variety of other content without having to leave the page. Today, popular Android client Twidroyd is bringing a similar experience to mobile phones, and in some… Read More

  • TweetUp Now Includes Updates From LinkedIn And Facebook; Changes Name To PostUp

    Twitter search and advertising startup platform operator TweetUp has announced today that its search engine for Twitter will be expanding to include bios and updates posted to other social networks, including LinkedIn and Facebook. Because the company will no longer be solely based on Twitter, TweetUp is changing its name to PostUp. In April, TweetUp, which was incubated by incubated by… Read More

  • TweetUp Teams Up With, Netvibes And

    Fresh off the heels of announcing the acquisition of Android Twitter client Twidroyd and popurls, Twitter search and advertising platform operator TweetUp has signed up several new distribution partners. TweetUp will be powering its search results with four new publishers, namely, Netvibes, Farlex’s online reference sites including and… Read More

  • TweetUp Buys Android Twitter Client Twidroid And News Aggregator Popurls

    TweetUp Buys Android Twitter Client Twidroid And News Aggregator Popurls

    Twitter search and advertising platform operator TweetUp this morning announced that it had acquired Twidroid, creator of the popular Twitter client for Android phones. The new owner will rename the app Twidroyd to avoid legal trouble with Lucas Films, trademark owner of the term “droid”. TweetUp is also buying news aggregator service popurls, which has long been placing the… Read More

  • Twitter To Prohibit Any Third Party To Advertise In-Stream

    Twitter just put up a blog post talking up its platform approach and long-term strategy. In that same post, however, the company has made some decisions that are sure to irk a couple of third-party developers and startups. Here’s the big news: aside from (its own) Promoted Tweets, Twitter says it will not be allowing any third party to inject paid tweets into a timeline on any service… Read More

  • TweetUp Launches “AdSense For Twitter” Product At #TCDisrupt

    TweetUp, the Twitter-focused search and advertising startup that was incubated by idealab – the original Overture founders – is launching today at the TechCrunch Disrupt conference in New York City. Serial entrepreneur Bill Gross took the stage for the event’s first ‘for show launch’ and publicly debuted TweetUp’s core service – the startup had… Read More

  • Is Twitter's Ad Platform TweetUp's Early Death Knell Or Starter's Pistol?

    Last night, Twitter finally unveiled the details of its long-awaited ad platform, Promoted Tweets. The news, at least at first glance, couldn’t have come at a worse time for TweetUp, the ‘AdSense for Twitter‘ startup that had launched out of the Idealab incubator a mere 24 hours earlier. So did TweetUp have the worst startup launch timing ever? Earlier this afternoon I… Read More

  • MyLikes Raises $630,000 Seed Round, All From Ex-Googlers

    Social marketing is just starting to bubble up and everybody wants in. But only ex-Googlers needed to apply to invest in MyLikes, a social marketing ad network which just raised a $630,000 seed round. The company, which was founded by two ex-Googlers—former Google Apps product lead Bindu Reddy and former AdSesne tech lead Arvind Sundararajan—took money only from 11 other… Read More

  • Source: Twitter's Ad Platform Launches Tonight

    Source: Twitter's Ad Platform Launches Tonight

    Twitter’s long awaited new advertising platform launches tonight, we’ve heard from a source briefed on the project. The model? It’s very much like Tweetup product that launched just last night – think Google Adwords for Twitter searches and hashtags, and advertisers can bid on individual keywords. Update: Multiple reports confirm that Twitter’s ad platform is about… Read More

  • Overture Founder Launches Tweetup, "Adsense For Twitter"

    Overture Founder Launches Tweetup, "Adsense For Twitter"

    idealab, the incubator behind the company that invented search engine marketing as we know it today, is launching a new startup that they say is applying some of the same business mechanics to the Twitter stream. The new startup is called Tweetup. Let’s zoom back to 1998 for a minute. Search engines at the time had no real way to monetize traffic beyond normal ads. Then came… Read More