TweetUp Teams Up With, Netvibes And

Fresh off the heels of announcing the acquisition of Android Twitter client Twidroyd and popurls, Twitter search and advertising platform operator TweetUp has signed up several new distribution partners.

TweetUp will be powering its search results with four new publishers, namely, Netvibes, Farlex’s online reference sites including and, as well as a number of (unnamed) newspapers.

Thanks to these agreements and previous ones, the Idealab-owned startup claims it can now serve over 250 million impressions via TweetUp search results, with a potential total reach of some 100 million unique users on a monthly basis.

In April, TweetUp opened registration for its bidded marketplace for real-time search, and in May the company launched its search capabilities on a number of sites at the TechCrunch Disrupt event, including here at TechCrunch,, and

TweetUp’s search algorithms and marketplace aim to address the needs of both users and tweeters in a single search mechanism. In addition to algorithms that combine a variety of factors to determine relevance, tweeters will soon be able to bid on keywords in a marketplace very similar to what now occurs at search engines.

It’ll be interesting to see if Gross can make even half the impact he did with GoTo / Overture (acquired by Yahoo 7 years ago almost to the day), which pretty much invented the sponsored search model.

Sure enough, these distribution partnerships are an essential part of the TweetUp road map.