Perrelet Turbine XL Watch Review

<img src="http://cdn.ablogtoread.com/wp-content/uploads/2011/01/Perrelet_Turbine_XL-9.jpg">If it is fun and you play with, then it is a toy right? call the novel spinning turbine style disc in this wa

Review: Monster Turbine in-ear speakers

Now that I’ve had a couple days with the Turbines, I think it’s time for a full review. I’m sad to say that my initial praise may have been premature having listened to a few CDs (I

Monster going audiophile, intros the Turbine in-ear speakers

It’s become apparent that Monster is getting into the high-end audiophile game with the launch of the Beats earlier in the year and now the in-ear Turbine ‘speakers’. I’ve only had an hour or

How to build your own wind turbine (it's not easy)

I like Instructables, if only because it’s reassuring to know that there are people out there who are not only have not only the knowledge to do something like this, but also the inclination. I

Virtual Worlds Are So Hot Right Now: $345 Million Invested So Far This Year

I feel like today is Virtual World Day. We started off the morning covering the public beta launch of Vivaty, then Second Life and IBM announced that they bridged two virtual worlds, and Google launch