• RIM To Shut Down Tungle.Me, Team Will Focus On BlackBerry 10 Calendar App

    RIM To Shut Down Tungle.Me, Team Will Focus On BlackBerry 10 Calendar App

    Last year, BlackBerry maker RIM acquired the social calendaring app Tungle.me. Since then, the Tungle team mostly focused on the BlackBerry Calendar app for RIM’s less than successful Playbook tablet. Now, the team that built Tungle is working on the native Calendar app for the upcoming BlackBerry 10 operating system. Read More

  • Tungle Goes Pro; Adds Branding Features To Scheduling Application

    </centerTungle, a scheduling and calendar sharing tool, is adding its first premium, paid feature today—branded channels. Tungle.me, which we’ve previously written about here, offers users a free web-based application that lets you share calendars across companies and platforms, schedule meetings with individuals or groups inside or outside their company and propose multiple… Read More

  • Tungle.me Makes Scheduling And Calendar Sharing More Social

    Syncing calendars and scheduling meetings over email can be an arduous and annoying task. I’ve often wished that I could send my calendar to contacts instead of going back and forth over email, so we could find a mutual time that works best for various schedules more quickly. Tungle, a scheduling and calendar sharing tool we wrote about during its launch last year, has made scheduling… Read More

  • Tungle Brings Own Approach to Scheduling Meetings

    Meeting coordination service Timebridge now has serious competition from Tungle, a Montreal-based service that opens up into public beta today. When I met with Tungle CEO Marc Gringas this past January, he outlined the type of technology that would address the major pain points of scheduling meetings: it would reduce the number of transactions needed to pick a time, it would be simple to… Read More