• GigPark: Recommendations From Your Friends

    Yesterday at the Mesh conference in Toronto I met Noah Godfrey, one of the founders of GigPark. A social recommendation Website that launched last February, the site recently pushed out a major redesign. It’s like Yelp, but only with recommendations from people you know. The point of GigPark is to collect and share recommendations of local services with your friends. You import… Read More

  • Trusted Opinion Takes $1.3 Million Series A

    Recommendation based social network Trusted Opinion has raised $1.3 million Series A, although the investors are not being disclosed (we did ask). Palo Alto based Trusted Opinion offers community based product ratings and recommendations in a social networking setting. The focus is on friends recommending things to friends, such as movies and DVD’s. The company added support for… Read More

  • Trusted Opinion Adds Netflix Queuing

    Social networking startup Trusted Opinion has added Netflix Queuing to their recommendations focused offering. The feature allows Trusted Opinion members to read a review of a movie then instantly add it to their Netflix queue without leaving the page. Although it sounds simple, Netflix does not offer a public API and hence the feature had to be created the old fashioned way, by creative… Read More

  • Apart from the Horrible Name & Logo, I Like It

    A new social network named Trusted Opinion came out of private beta over the weekend. It has the single worst logo I’ve ever seen ( a circle with a check mark and some unreadable text), and a name that suggests they are a bland reputation based service like TrustedID. But actually they’re a new recommendation-based social network that has integrated both Flash and Ajax components… Read More