• Tiny tripods galore

    We’ve seen baby tripods before, from DIY to possibly useful to questionably safe. This Manfrotto looks pretty decent, (although it’s not technically a tripod) but I’m not sure I trust those little springs. And I’d want the feet to be bendable. For $30 it’s an okay bet but kind of chunky; a commenter mentions the Millipod, which is more compact, looks simpler… Read More

  • Sony-Ericsson Debuts Cameraphone Accessory Kit

    One thing we like about Sony-Ericsson’s phones is how the company has split them neatly into two distinct categories: musicphones and cameraphones. Unlike other phone makers, the music-listening and picture-taking aspects of SE’s phones aren’t half-assed attempts, it uses real Walkman tech for the musicphones, and real Cybershot tech for the cameraphones. Something long… Read More