Treo 750v

Don't Hold Your Breath for Treo 750

quarter of 07, which is December-February, not that long, after all. Ed is blaming the delay on certification of “a key product.” Wait, what? Didn’t the 750 pass FCC

Palm Treo 750v Finds Its Way To The US

comes in. What’s very good is that these unlocked Treos claim to keep support for UMTS intact, which means if your SIM says Cingular on it, it’s FAST. We couldn’t find anyone who&#82

Singapore Welcomes Treo 750v From Vodafone

Wait a minute. What? “V” doesn’t stand for Vodafone? Prolly not. Palm and Microsoft this weekend introduced the Treo 750v, formerly the sole domain of Vodafone and the must-have smar

Launched Treo 750v Gets Launch Date For Launch

“Launched” can mean more than “available”, it seems. For example, the Treo 750v for Vodaphone was “launched” a couple of weeks ago, but it’s not “availa