Launched Treo 750v Gets Launch Date For Launch

“Launched” can mean more than “available”, it seems. For example, the Treo 750v for Vodaphone was “launched” a couple of weeks ago, but it’s not “available”. See?

But don’t worry, our lucky Eruo-bretheren, your new Treo is set to be “available” October 2, according to the Vodaphone official site. Unfortunately, the price is still a mystery. What “free to £127.66” means is anybody’s guess, we don’t do that crap around here.

Even better is that all the stats we’ve been promised are there–the 240 x 240 screen for your Windows Mobile 5 viewing and tapping pleasure, UMTS fast data and a 1.3MP camera. This suh-wheat unit should be making its way (the 750wx? The 750c?) to Cingular shortly, so don’t get too smug mate, we’ll be with you soon enough.

Palm 750v [Vodaphone]