Treo 680

CrunchDeal: Treo 680 for $39.99 (AR)’s store is having a fantastic sale on Treo 680s for Cingular/AT&T for existing customers. You do have to wade through rebate hell, but when all’s said and done, you wind up

BlackBerry Pearl Gets AT&T Branding, Red Coat of Paint (So Does The Treo 680)

Cingular—oh excuse me, I mean AT&T—just announced red editions of the BlackBerry Pearl and the Treo 680. (The Treo is officially “crimson.”) Both are available immediately.

Treo 680: Now Featuring More Boring

or Motorola, we also get news that the popular Treo 680 is now available sans camera. Why would anybody want a Treo without a camera? Because it’s safer in some corporate environments, that&#821

Don't Hold Your Breath for Treo 750

quarter of 07, which is December-February, not that long, after all. Ed is blaming the delay on certification of “a key product.” Wait, what? Didn’t the 750 pass FCC

Here Comes the Treo 680

Hot off the press comes news from Palm and Cingular announcing that the Treo 680 will be available Nov. 24, otherwise ominously known as Black Friday. The Treo 680 uses Palm OS 5.4.9 and sports a bevy

Breaking: Palm Treo 680 Delayed Due To Manufacturer Screw Up

So earlier we told you how Amazon yanked the Palm Treo 680 off their website. Now we know why thanks to a reliable source – Apparently 144,000 Treo 680s were shipped out and had to be sent back

Unlocked Treo 680 Surfaces on Amazon; Disappears

Palm Treo 680 available for pre-order on Amazon for $413, with a shipment time of 1-2 weeks. Before we could finish getting this post up, however, the item switched to “not available” on t

Palm, Samsung to Drop Surprise QWERTY Fun for Xmas (With Cingular Rebates)!

Cash back bonanza holy moly! We’ve got two scoops in one, all based on a flickr screen grab. Sometimes Cingular auto-tragically publishes stuff it don’t mean to. Oops, Cingular! We found t

Cingular Revamps Biz Site: Treo 680 Culprit?

, we notice that Cingular’s website (at least the business end) keeps going down. Then up. Is this a ripple-effect of the imminent Treo Launch? Or something else altogether? We have no idea here

Cingular's Treo 680 on November 5 at $175: Bank On It

<img src=" claims is the legit, honest-to-gawd deal for the Palm Treo 680 for Cingular. You can get yours for less than $200 in less than 2

Palm Drops Treo 680 for American GSM Carriers in Four Colors

, announced its new Treo 680. The new consumer-aimed smartphone is much like the 650 Cingular sells now, though it’s a slicker device. The 680 does away with the 650’s antenna, rounds out

Palm to Announce New Treo Thursday at Digital Life

Palm today announced that it will be announcing (it keeps announcing when it’s going to make announcements, doesn’t it?) a new Treo at Digital Life in New York on Thursday. We’ll bet