BlackBerry Pearl Gets AT&T Branding, Red Coat of Paint (So Does The Treo 680)

Cingular—oh excuse me, I mean AT&T—just announced red editions of the BlackBerry Pearl and the Treo 680. (The Treo is officially “crimson.”) Both are available immediately. That in and of itself shouldn’t grab any headlines, but the Pearl is the first device that’s been given the full AT&T branding, dumb all lowercase logo and all. That, on the other hand, is worth some ink. Keep reading for a spicy pic of the Treo.

Both smartphones have been available for some time now on different cellphone carriers. The Pearl is pretty much universally loved by all, while the Treo 680 has been less impressive. (Mainly, well, because Treos just stink.) AT&T adds no new features to either smartphone other than a coat of paint. That, and the sense of joy you should get knowing that you’ve joined the new AT&T family.

Press Release via Laptop Magazine