This is a real life Transformer

The J-deite RIDE transformers from a vehicle to a robot just like the Megazord from Voltron. Specific information about the creation is a bit sketchy but the YouTube channel states it’s an elect

Japanese Hobbyists Build A Working Transformer

Eee-urrk-urrk-urrk-urk! A pair of Japanese hobbyists have built a transforming robot that can walk or, when in sports car form, drive around autonomously. It’s called the J-deite Quarter and is

This Piece Of Paper Folds Itself Into A Robot

Imagine a ream of flat sheets sent into space, folding themselves to form a satellite, or a flat robot sent into a collapsed building to assemble itself and perform its function. That could very well

Rovio Looks To Tap The Power Of The AllSpark With Angry Birds Transformers

Finnish casual game maker Rovio is back at it with a new title in its Angry Birds series, this one a branded partnership like the Star Wars version released previously. The new game pairs Blockbuster

This Real RC Car Transformer Is Ready To Roll Out

If you watch one homemade Japanese RC car transformer video today, make it this one. This amazing little roadster switches from sports car to dancing robot in a few seconds and it can even walk while

Mouse Up And Roll Out With This Transformers-Themed Razer Gear

The latest Transformers game hasn’t been getting very good reviews, but that doesn’t mean you can’t represent your Cybertron love with some Transformers gaming swag. Razer’s go

Mimobot Goes '80s, Releases Classic Optimus Prime And Megatron

Just the other day it hit me that my childhood icons were scam. TMNT, Power Rangers, Transformers, GI Joe. All the TV shows and comics that I loved and adored are nothing more than extended advertisem

Transformers 3D Glasses? No, Try Transformers 3D 'Role Playing' Masks

<img src="" />The next, and supposedly final, Transformers movie is due for release on July 1, but how can you have a popcorn mov

Video: The World's Biggest Optimus Prime Statue Stands Tall & Proud In China

<img src="" />Oh, China. When it's not trying to pass off Top Gun footage as anything other than a horrible movie it's building the

First "Transformers: Dark Of The Moon" Trailer Hits The Web

<img src="" /> Transformers 3 (full title: <a href="">Transformers: Dark Of The Moon

A really up-close look at the Transformers 3 Chicago shooting location

These are, well, amazing photos. The story goes Leo from TheChive simply walked past barricades and security surrounding the Transformers 3 shoot in downtown Chicago. His 56 published pics seem to con

Optimus Prime set to protect China against Japan's Gundam

The stage is set. The lines are drawn. It’s the battle of the ages. Optimus Prime vs RX-78-2. Transformers vs Gundam.

YouTube takes down video taken of Transformers 3 set on public street

<img src="" />So imagine you head into your office one day, and find that an alley outside your window has been turned into a set for Transf

Bumblebee is getting new digs for Transformers 3

<img src="">I honestly didn't know there was even going to be a third Transformers movie until a few minutes ago, but I

T-Mobile gives an HTC HD2 reminder, now with more fun!

<img src="" /> Last week, T-Mobile teased us all with <a href="">a little jab

Teaser Trailer For Transformers: War For Cybertron Looks Promising

<img src="">I'm trying to remember the last good thing to come from the Transformers franchise and am sadly unable to do so. Well, t

Relive your misspent youth with these Transformers USB drives

<img src="" />Brando, home of the odd USB device, finally has a product I want to order. No no, it's not a <a href="http://www.c

Transformers 2 sells 7.5 million DVD & Blu-ray discs. Can't you people find a better movie to buy?

<img src="" />This is just wrong. I'll admit, I didn't enjoy "Transformers: Revenge of the Fallen". I thought the plot was weak and

When two worlds collide, the Transformers Rubix cube emerges

Yeah, we get it. It’s a Rubix Cube that’s supposed to look like the AllSpark of Transformers’ lore. Clever. Hopefully those shinny stickers come off nice and easy so I can solve the

Contest Winners: Target exclusive Hasbro Transformers Superion

<img src="" alt="" />Sorry for the delay, kids. It's been a little busy around CG HQ. Without further ado, here are the wi
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