The future of car ownership: Building an online dealership

Buying a car is painful. Dealerships are the worst, and the options are endless. The rise of the Internet produced powerful tools for shoppers, but in the end, most buyers still have to trudge down to

AT&T mulling handset trade-up program?

<img src="">Everybody stay calm. Sit down if you’re standing up. If you’re already sitting, stand up and th

Best Buy taking your old neglected console trade-ins

Best Buy will take your old consoles and give you a gift card to use at one of its bajillion locations. The process is fairly straightforward and shipping costs are taken care of by Best Buy, not you.

No more HD DVD trade-ins at GameStop

[photopress:gshd.jpg,full,center] GameStop will stop accepting all HD DVD trade-ins later today. It’ll stop accepting the 360’s HD DVD player for trade-ins, too. Story. This past Christmas