• ToyBots: The Stealth Prototype

    ToyBots CEO Shervin Pishevar, fresh off his TechCrunch50 debut, apparently wasn’t too pleased with my post yesterday calling him and his company out for not dreaming big enough. My chief complaint – that ToyBots should be building the next multi-billion dollar superhit toy, not messing around with an unproven platform solution that no one may ultimately use, but that many may… Read More

  • Is ToyBots Dreaming Big Enough?

    One of my favorite startups at TechCrunch50 earlier this week was ToyBots, a spinoff of the popular Facebook/iPhone game developer Social Gaming Network. ToyBots has created technology that they’ll license to toy manufacturers that will make those toys Internet connected and controllable. Our launch post on them is here. I think ToyBots is the future, where all toys (and just about… Read More

  • TC50: Toys Spring To Life With ToyBots Internet Magic

    Eventually, it’s probably safe to assume that all electronics will be in some way connected to the Internet. As long as you’re not worried about a Skynet-style Terminator apocalyptic future, that’s probably a good thing. With that in mind, the online gaming network SGN began working on a secret project to connect children’s toys to the Internet. Today, ToyBots is… Read More