toy story 3

  • Sony Japan's Toy Story 3-themed Walkman S

    We think Toy Story 3 is great, it’s a huge box office hit in the US, and it’s poised to replicate the success over here in Japan. Reason enough for Sony Japan to come up with a Toy Story 3-themed Walkman S [JP] for the local market. It’s not as cool as Sony’s Metal Gear Solid Walkman W, but it’s certainly cuter. Read More

  • Toy Story 3 clearly quite popular, has $109 million opening weekend

    It’s safe to say that Toy Story is still Pixar’s biggest, most beloved franchise. The third movie, which Biggs inexplicably reviewed the other day—should I review the new Roots album here?— took home some $109 million at the weekend. That’s Pixar’s biggest opening weekend ever. The other big, animated feature of the year, Shrek Forever After, only took home… Read More

  • Review: Toy Story 3

    We don’t do many movie reviews here at CrunchGear, mostly because we’re into gadgets and movies are, in a way, the anti-thesis of the physical. Semantics aside, Toy Story 3 was great. The story is simple: Andy, the toys’ owner, is leaving for college. His toys, resigning themselves to a life in the attic, prep themselves for the coming change but, instead of the must and heat… Read More

  • Toy Story 3 to hit IMAX 3D on June 18, 2010

    Be honest, you kind of want to see Toy Story 3. I mean, even though the film doesn’t natively support IMAX 3D and will have to be┬áremastered, it should still be amazing on the huge screens. Read More