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As the NFT boom fades, major gaming companies slow their crypto plans

When there’s money to be made, feedback can, and often does, go unheard. Still, a few major gaming companies did backtrack on their plans to add NFTs to games. So what happened?

Ubisoft's Tom Clancy EndWar out today

It’s been eight years since Ubisoft’s Tom Clancy franchise has launched a new title and today the World War III RTS EndWar is available for the Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3. The neat thing about thi

CrunchArcade: Tom Clancy MMO is a go

Ubisoft recently acquired the rights to author Tom Clancy’s name and they’re going forward with an MMO. It’s unclear how much Ubi was paying in royalties, but the acquisition is estimated at EUR

CrunchArcade: Rainbow Six: Vegas 2 is your latest Tom Clancy pretend war fix

[photopress:r62r.jpeg,full,center] Reuters has a little something on the return of Rainbow Six Vegas 2, a name that sounds like a sports score. The game, which debuted on the PS3 and 360 this week, fe

Video: Sneak peak of Ubisoft's Tom Clancy's EndWar Who the hell are the Frag Dolls and why do they get to play Tom Clancy’s EndWar? I want to play EndWar damn it! What’s really neat about this

Rainbow Six Vegas PS3 Casemod: Tactical Pandora Diorama Theory

If you’re really into miniatures, and want your PS3 to double as a board for your figure-based strategy game (I know Warhammer 40,000: Vegas is coming out soon), this sort of thing is plainly fo

Rainbow Six Vegas 2 dated

For the rabid Tom Clancy fans in the audience here’s some good news. Ubisoft has finally dated the latest TC title, Rainbow Six Vegas 2, and it’s due out March 21. Hooray!