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  • Told you so…

    Josh just pointed out his original post on the Air. This was back in June, people. Trust us. We’re professionals. Back on June 20, I reported that there’d be new, slimmer MacBooks coming in October that along with being made from new materials would also feature some “speeds and feeds” updates to the internal components. Today, another “trusted source” told… Read More

  • New Apple notebook spotted, we told you so

    The above photo may be the work of a PS junkie or it may just be the real thing. In any case, the rumor mill is abuzz surrounding Macworld. This time around it’s all coming back to the purported multi-touch trackpad we told you about during the summer. Sure our sources duped us by saying it’d be out in October, but it’s better late then never. There’s also some talk… Read More

  • Told you so: CDMA version of F700 hitting Verizon

    Told you so, again. The SCH-U940 is the F700’s CDMA clone, but downgrades the 3-megapixel camera to two. Samsung U940 is the Verizon’s variant of the F700 [Phone Arena] Read More

  • Oh Noes! iPhone Touchscreen Craps Out

    Sadly, Apple Kitteh is wrong on this one This is exactly why I’m waiting for iPhone 2.0. Maybe I’m the weird one, but I never buy v1.0 of anything, especially Apple products. Although, I haven’t had too many issues with my MacBook. The forums over at Apple Insider and Macrumors have been lighting up over the past few days with some irate iPhone users experiencing dead spots… Read More

  • CrunchGear Told You So: Apple Patent for Multi-touch MacBook

    Who has the hot scoops? CrunchGear has the hot scoops. Do you dare disagree? Remember our tidbit about multi-touch coming to MacBooks? Well, look what showed up at the FCC today, a patent for a “wide touchpad on a portable computer.” The patent indicates the palmrest instead of the touchpad, but the fact remains the same. We called it and now we can say, “we told you… Read More