Oh Noes! iPhone Touchscreen Craps Out

Sadly, Apple Kitteh is wrong on this one

This is exactly why I’m waiting for iPhone 2.0. Maybe I’m the weird one, but I never buy v1.0 of anything, especially Apple products. Although, I haven’t had too many issues with my MacBook. The forums over at Apple Insider and Macrumors have been lighting up over the past few days with some irate iPhone users experiencing dead spots on their touchscreens.

The inactive ‘strips’ have been isolated half an inch from the bottom and top of the screens. You can imagine how obnoxious and frustrating this can be when you’re trying to access your e-mail, phone, maps or iPod as well as the top row of apps. It doesn’t look like anything, but getting a handset exchange will solve the problem. I wouldn’t feel comfortable even if the dead strips came back to life because they will eventually become inactive, again. That’s strike two, Apple.

Apple addressing dead spots on iPhone touchscreens [Apple Insider]