• MerchantCircle Acquires Online Meeting Scheduler TimeBridge

    Online marketing network for small business owners MerchantCircle has acquired meeting scheduler TimeBridge, we’ve learned. We’ve confirmed the acquisition with MerchantCircle. Terms of the deal were not disclosed. Founded in 2005, TimeBridge provides a web app and an iPhone app that allows users to coordinate and schedule meetings easily. The company also offers a number of… Read More

  • Tungle.me Makes Scheduling And Calendar Sharing More Social

    Syncing calendars and scheduling meetings over email can be an arduous and annoying task. I’ve often wished that I could send my calendar to contacts instead of going back and forth over email, so we could find a mutual time that works best for various schedules more quickly. Tungle, a scheduling and calendar sharing tool we wrote about during its launch last year, has made scheduling… Read More

  • TimeBridge's Collaborative Scheduler Goes Mobile, Now Supports iCal

    TimeBridge, the service that allows users to collaboratively determine when to schedule their meetings, has released a WAP mobile version of its site alongside a plugin adding iCal support. The iCal plugin is currently in private beta, and the first 500 TechCrunch readers to go here will be able to partipate (enter the password “techcrunch”). Read More

  • Tungle Brings Own Approach to Scheduling Meetings

    Meeting coordination service Timebridge now has serious competition from Tungle, a Montreal-based service that opens up into public beta today. When I met with Tungle CEO Marc Gringas this past January, he outlined the type of technology that would address the major pain points of scheduling meetings: it would reduce the number of transactions needed to pick a time, it would be simple to… Read More

  • TimeBridge: Now Synching Your Meetings Through The Web

    TimeBridge is a San Francisco-based startup that wants to do one thing very well: help with scheduling meetings. They originally started out as a deeply integrated Outlook plug-in launched at the end of last year. While initially distinguishing them from other scheduling competitors, I have a feeling that the plug-in requirement added unnecessary friction to using the system. Now TimeBridge… Read More

  • The LaunchPad 13 at Web 2.0 Summit

    The annual Web 2.0 Summit kicked off today at the Palace Hotel in San Francisco. The conference Summit, which has been sold out for months, is noticeably larger than last year and hundreds of people are milling about, seeing and being seen. The highlight of last year’s conference for me was LaunchPad, where thirteen young startups showed their stuff to the audience. See our coverage… Read More