TimeBridge's Collaborative Scheduler Goes Mobile, Now Supports iCal

TimeBridge, the service that allows users to collaboratively determine when to schedule their meetings, has released a WAP mobile version of its site alongside a plugin adding iCal support. The iCal plugin is currently in private beta, and the first 500 TechCrunch readers to go here will be able to partipate (enter the password “techcrunch”).

TimeBridge, which we reviewed last August, tries to take the hassle out of arranging meetings by eliminating the long email threads that often result whenever more than a few people try to schedule something. The site employs a voting system, allowing users to select a number of times they’d be able to make, and the system chooses the most agreeable slot. Besides iCal, TimeBridge also supports integration with Microsoft Outlook and Google Calendar.

In conjunction with the new releases, TimeBridge has also announced that it has hit the 100,000 user milestone. While this represents only a tiny fraction of the site’s possible market, it is still an impressive gain in a space where many companies are set in their tried-and-true habits. There are a number of other players in this space, including Jiffle, which we covered in April, and Tungle (reviewed here).