Now On Kickstarter, Tickle Makes Learning To Code Fun With Scratch

There are a lot of games and puzzles now that promise to teach kids how to code, but Tickle stands out. Now on Kickstarter, the iPad app was created in part by Mike Chen, a professor of computer scien

Too Bad! Tickle, The App That Saves You From Awkward Situations, Doesn’t Really Exist

Stuck in an awkward situation? A newly announced application called Tickle has been promising to give you an excuse to get away in the form of an urgent, but fake, phone call, which you can slyly acti

No One's Laughing At Tickle

We’ve received word that Monster has decided to lay off the 30-35 employees that work for subsidiary Tickle, a company that it acquired for about $94M in May 2004. Tickle includes not only a tes