Uber settles lawsuit with Waymo

Uber has agreed to settle the lawsuit brought against it by Waymo for theft of some of the company's trade secrets. As part of the settlement, Uber has agreed to work with Waymo to ensure that the com

BART is testing Bikeep’s smart bike locks

There are few feelings worse than returning to the spot you locked up your bike after a fun evening and seeing nothing. As a San Francisco cyclist, I’ve had my stomach sink more than once at tha

Stop, Thief: Apple Patents Movement-Based Theft Detection System For iOS Devices

An Apple patent application spotted Thursday by AppleInsider shows a system for detecting unusual motion via a portable gadget's accelerometer which would sound an alarm, making said device harder to

Embedded Serial Number Helps Photographer Find His Stolen Camera

A photographer, <a HREF="">John Heller</a>, had $9,000 worth of gear stolen at a shoot in Hollywood. After giving up all hope of ever getting his Nikon D3 back, he checked wi

Thieves Make Off With Horde Of Leica Gear In Moscow

In what could amount to a very hefty haul, Moscow thieves took a sledge to metal security shutters and then a glass case to grab twenty items including a <a HREF="">Lei

10,000 Hard Drives Stolen, Craigslist Hard Drive Market Crashes

Thieves in Malaysia managed to drive off in a truck containing 10,800 Western Digital hard drives. Don’t expect to see the drives hit the market though, Malaysian police were able to identify th

Student loan data stolen: 3.3 million ex-college students look forward to giant headache

<img src="" />It was only a few days ago that I mentioned that, you know, <a HREF="

Using children to steal DVDs eh?

<img src="" />Here's a candidate for the Canadian parent of the year award. Police in Richmond B.C. are looking for a couple that us

Stolen XBox 360 reunited with its owner through the Internet

<img src=""> A young man named Jeremy Gillian stole another young man's XBox 360 in a robbery and then turned it on… with the n

Man faces 5 years in prison after stealing 3,000 Netflix DVDs

<img src="" />Some <a href="">Netflix</a> news for you this morning. It looks like a 49-year-old

Postal worker in Minnesota steals 16,000 Best Buy Reward Zone certificates

<img src="">A postal service supervisor working at a Minneapolis mail distribution center “has admitted taking nearly 16,000 Best

Look, GadgetTrak caught an evil iMac thief in Brooklyn!

<img src="" /> Years ago, I read an article in 2600 describing a system that would track down your stolen laptop. Presumably it was all ope

Public Service Announcement: Babies deter theft

Flickr Who knew? Apparently would-be thieves have a soft spot for baby photos. A research study conducted in Edinburgh found that lost wallets containing baby photos were returned nine out of ten time

Entertainment Merchant Association, looking to save money, proposes new radio-lock for games, movies

<img src="" />Did you know that video game theft costs retailers billions of dollars a year? So says the Entertainment Merchant Asso

US Airways steals kid’s Xbox, he sues, airline says it’s not liable for stolen electronics

<img src="">While I’m sure it’s <em>super</em> fun to stuff your gaming console in your carry-on luggage so it doesn’t get stole

Military laptops for sale on the black market

<img src="" />As the U.S. military gets more and more technical, more and more military laptops are finding their way onto the glob

Clever: Valve tried to offer job to guy who stole Half-Life 2 source code

Ha! Remember when the Half-Life 2 source code was stolen a few years ago, showing up all over BitTorrent, IRC and the like? It turns out that Valve, once it was able to determine who was responsible (

Arizona testing Cactus microchipping to prevent theft

If someone asked me to help them steal a gigantic cactus, I’d be like, “Have you ever touched a cactus? Those things are really prickly. Find yourself another cohort, kind sir.” But apparently t

Is using someone else's Wi-Fi an actual crime?

There was an adorable article in Time magazine last week about Wi-Fi theft. The author, Lev Grossman, admits to being a “Wi-Fi thief” for several years, using his neighbors’ unsecure

Coincidence? Video game caught stealing content from Oblivion, other popular games

To quote Boing Boing’s Joel Johnson, “The most amazing gaming story of the year.” A recently released adventure game for the PC, Limbo of the Lost, appears to have stolen content, in
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