Camera with Eye-Fi card uploads thieves pictures after theft

A couple from Long Island left their camera at a restaurant in Florida where two of the employees found and kept it . The camera contained an Eye-Fi card which automatically found an open wireless bas

Dude rips off online brokerages 'Office Space' style

Get this. You know how when you have to confirm your bank account with, say, Paypal or Google Checkout or any number of online services that want to make sure the bank account that they’re going

The true story of an iRobot spy and a $300 million theft

Who stole the sole? Noah “Red Hot” Shachtman wrote a great piece on an iRobot insider who stole the plans for the company’s military Packbot robot and recreated the robot himself, be

UPS employees pilfering GTA IV disks en route

I’m not a fan of UPS, despite it starting in my hometown. They’re late, and when they show up at my apartment with a package (at least once a month) they knock so faintly my dog can’

Genius jailed for trying to jack $500 HDTV with $3 barcode

This trick never works, yet people still keep trying it. I’m sure when they come up with the cunning plan they’re very proud of themselves, but they always end up in the pokey in the end.

Intel to release anti-theft technology in Q4

Intel’s upcoming anti-theft technology will be released later this year and will be called “Intel Anti-Theft Technology”. Clever, no? There aren’t a whole lot of details beyond

Craigslist scam really some kind of crazy cover-up for a minor burglary

Remember the Craigslist scam in Southern Oregon where an unknown person or persons posted asking people to come clear out a house? Well, it was actually supposed to be a way to cover the tracks of two

Pair charged with stealing 332 iPhone from Apple Store

[photopress:iphoneburglar.jpg,full,left]A pair of fools from Salem, MA, have found themselves in jail after stealing 332 iPhones from the Apple Store they worked for and selling them on the black mark

Some UK PlayStation Store accounts breached

Sony has issued a warning to gamers in the UK concerning “a possibility of unauthorized access to personal information on the PLAYSTATION Store through PCs.” It didn’t say how the ac

LG secrets leaked to Chinese manufacturing company

Apparently life’s NOT so good at LG nowadays (see how I did that?), as word’s come out that a former manager leaked almost 1,200 secret company files to a Chinese manufacturing company. Th

Best Buy guys caught switching up merchandise in theft ring

We’ve heard tales of people buying electronics, getting them home, and opening them just to find, well, not what they’d purchased. It’s been suggested that store employees had been s

Wii stolen from senior center in Spokane, Washington

Oh come on. This is terrible. "Seniors at the Lilac Plaza Retirement Home in North Spokane sold recipe books to raise money to buy a Nintendo Wii," according to news station KXLY. How great

Man uses Comcast van and uniform to steal cable box

This seems like a lot of work for a little money but a man "dressed in a Comcast uniform and driving a Comcast van" showed up at a woman’s house at 2:30 in the afternoon a few days ago

GAME store employee caught stealing PS3 for some reason

If you’re a trainee manager at a video game store, and you really, really want a PS3, then you shouldn’t be working at a video game store in the first place should wait until you’re

PatentMonkey: AT&T Wireless Lockdown for iPhone?

Recent news that Apple had applied for a means to disable recharging on a stolen device, we now have learned that Cingular conceived an even broader concept: shutting down a wireless device when out o

The Format War Is Over: 9 Out of 10 Thieves Prefer Blu-Ray

Thieves broke into Silver Platters, a Seattle video store, and made off with their entire Blu-ray selection. That’s right. They ignored the HD-DVD stuff completely. That’s basically the en

Data Stolen in 2005 Affects 27,000 Kingston Customers

Some 27,000 Kingston Technology customers have just found out that their personal data may have been compromised back in September of 2005. This data includes names, addresses, and credit card numbers

Electronics Retailers Owned By Burglars

Seems over in Tulsa, OK, burglaries are all the rage. Local electronics retailers like Best Buy and Office Depot have been hit by precision robbers who leave no evidence or fingerprints behind whatsoe

iPhone Will Have Advanced Security Features

After the iPod gained popularity a few years back, thieves started taking advantage of the white earbuds to target iPod users for a robbery. It still remains a problem in most major cities and now wit

How Not To Get Your Laptop Stolen (And How To Protect Yourself If It Does)

Millions of laptops are stolen from travelers each year. (OK, I made that up, but it does happen a lot.) Or at least that’s what the notebook security companies want you to believe! (Actually, no, n
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