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Whither the paper unicorns?

In a sense, the 2022 question regarding how many paper unicorns will wither, and where they are headed, is basically the inverse of the 2021 unicorn IPO market.

The Information will launch Ticker, a tech news app that costs $29 per year

Since it was founded by journalist Jessica Lessin in 2013, The Information has stood out in the tech news landscape for its focus on an ad-free, subscription-driven business model (a focus that seems

The Information reveals the startups in its first media accelerator and plans hiring spree

Business is looking for good for subscription-based tech news site The Information. This summer it announced plans for an accelerator program to encourage others to leap into paid media and today, at

The Information launches a media startup accelerator

Jessica Lessin’s The Information has found success with a focus on cultivating a dedicated, narrow audience willing to pay a premium for quality content, and now it wants to help other young med