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Next Nolan Batman Movie To Be Called ‘The Dark Knight Rises,’ Fans Upset At Riddler Snub

<img src="" />Batman fans reacted with anger on Thursday upon learning that director Christopher Nolan has ruled out using The Ridd

The Dark Knight is the best selling Blu-ray disc in history

The facts: The Dark Knight is the best selling Blu-ray disc in the format’s two-year history. Warner Bros. sold more than 1.7 million copies of the film since its Dec. 9 release.

The Dark Knight is the fastest selling Blu-ray disc in history

As if there were any doubts, The Dark Knight is now the fastest selling Blu-ray disc in history. Warner Bros. sold some 600,000 copies of the movie on its first day of availability (Tuesday, Dec. 9),

Poll: Are you going to buy The Dark Knight

I can’t tell you the last DVD/Blu-ray I purchased. It might have been the Matrix years ago, but I’m going to run out and buy The Dark Knight Blu-ray in a few minutes. I don’t know wh

The Dark Knight on iTunes 2008 top download list before it's actually available

The Dark Knight home release will not be available until next Tuesday, December 9th, but that hasn’t stopped the cash cow flick from hitting iTunes Top Downloads of 2008. No telling if the film

The Dark Knight on its way to being most pirated movie ever

CNET is reporting that the sun will rise tomorrow. That is, they’re reporting, citing TorrentFreak’s data, that The Dark Knight is well on its way to becoming the most pirated movie of all

The Dark Knight Blu-ray disc gets a release date

The Dark Knight was this summer’s hottest movie – after Swing Vote that is – and the Blu-ray release finally gets a launch date. The title is slated for a day and date release of t

British politicians freak out, say The Dark Knight too violent for its movie rating

Oh dear, it seems certain Members of Parliament in the UK are completely outraged that The Dark Knight has only been rated 12A. Apparently the gentlemen think the movie is violent enough to warrant a

Video: Gary Oldman aka Lt. Jim Gordon outs "The Dark Knight" video game This better not suck.

Tube-like device in The Dark Knight is not real, says Nokia

In the summer blockbuster, The Dark Knight, a Nokia device is prominently featured. We worked closely with the producers of The Dark Knight to develop an appropriate device that would suit the technol