The Dark Knight is the fastest selling Blu-ray disc in history


As if there were any doubts, The Dark Knight is now the fastest selling Blu-ray disc in history. Warner Bros. sold some 600,000 copies of the movie on its first day of availability (Tuesday, Dec. 9), surpassing the previous record, Iron Man, by about 100,000 copies.

A clever little analogy: The Dark Knight : Blu-ray :: Gladiator : DVD. Meaning, that The Dark Knight will be looked upon as the Blu-ray disc that propelled the format into the mainstream, or as mainstream as it’ll get, as Gladiator did eight years ago.

The movie is selling so well that there are projections that put it at 1 million sold by the weekend.

To put this into perspective, even I bought it, and I don’t buy anything these days, as most of you are well aware.