• Thanko sells digital camera/binoculars hybrid

    Tokyo’s most famous gadget maker, Thanko, has another hit product in its portfolio, the UDGZDC8M [JP]. For reasons unknown, the infamous company decided it’s time to give the world a combination of binoculars and an 8MP digital camera. And people living outside Japan can get it, too. Read More

  • Even Thanko now starts offering 3D devices (a photo frame)

    Take this with a grain of salt, but I need to report that Thanko, the infamous gadget maker from Tokyo, has started selling a 3D photo frame [JP] today. The USB specialists say the 7-inch device, which they also call a “3D multimedia player”, doesn’t require users to view images in 3D. Read More

  • Thanko releases "Wristband Battery" for portable gadgets

    Tokyo-based gadget maker Thanko is at it again. This time, the USB specialists are giving us the Wristband Battery [JP], which is what it sounds like and supposed to make life easier for fans of portable gadgets. Read More

  • Thanko's USB-powered foot switch pedal

    Long time no hear from Tokyo-based USB gadget maker Thanko. The company today announced foot switch pedals [JP] for use with Windows XP, 7 or Vista machines (I am aware this isn’t a world’s first, but the last Thanko post was too long ago). Just assign any key on your keyboard to one of the pedals, and you won’t need your fingers to press that key ever again. Read More

  • Nikukyu Mouse: Thanko's cat paw computer mouse

    Long time no hear from Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko. About for weeks ago, the USB specialist released a mouse with a built-in speaker, only to follow up today with the Nikukyu Mouse [JP], a mouse that looks like a cat paw for some reason. Read More

  • Thanko's mouse has a built-in speaker

    Tokyo-based crap gadget maker Thanko continues to amaze. The company today announced [JP] a mouse with an integrated speaker, believe it or not (Thanko already gave us the “mid-air” mouse, the USB cooler mouse, a heated mouse, and a liquid mouse). Read More

  • Hot Lunch Bag: Thanko's USB-powered lunch box warmers

    Tokyo-based crazy USB gadget maker Thanko has done it again. The company today announced [JP] not one but two “Hot Lunch Bags”, special cases that are supposed to warm up lunch boxes you brought to the office from home via USB. Thanko offered a first version of the “Hot Lunch Bag” back in winter 2008. Read More

  • Thanko's Spy Flashlight records video in HD (video)

    It looks like Tokyo-based acessory maker Thanko is trying to carve out a new niche for themselves, spy gadgets (apart from insane USB gadgets). The newest addition to their spy equipment lineup is the LED Spy Light HD [JP], an LED flashlight that records video in HD. Needless to say, the device lets you shoot photos, too. Read More

  • Thanko's Motion Sensor Spy Pen records video

    For some reason, Tokyo-based USB accessory maker Thanko has rolled out a slew of spy gadgets in the past weeks and months. About four weeks ago, Thanko gave us a spy pen that shoots video in HD, and today we are getting the Motion Sensor Spy Pen [JP]. The device looks like a regular ballpen, but it detects people moving in its vicinity and starts recording them on video automatically. Read More

  • This 80-port USB charge board had to come from Thanko

    Most of Tokyo-based Thanko’s USB accesories are utterly useless, but I don’t know what to think of their latest creation, a 80-port USB board [JP]. Yes, they put 80 USB ports on one board. You can’t transfer data over the ports but only charge your gadgets though, it’s not a USB hub. Read More

  • Thanko's Micro Sport MP3 Player weighs just 8g (video)

    Thanko, the Tokyo-based maker of all things USB, sometimes produces gadgets that aren’t silly. Today, the company announced the Micro Sport MP3 Player [JP] that’s supposed to be especially suitable for people who want to listen to music while doing sports. The only drawback is that the thing doesn’t look to be designed for this purpose at all (but maybe that’s just me). Read More

  • Thanko's Spy Watch with built-in video camera

    For some reason, Toyko-based USB accessory maker Thanko is selling a wide range of “spy gadgets”, with a button camera and an HD video pen as the latest additions to the line-up. Today Thanko gives us a wrist watch [JP], which may look rather unassuming from the outside but actually sports a micro spy camera. Read More

  • Thanko's Spy Button Camera gets an upgrade

    Tokyo-based USB gadget maker Thanko gave us a video camera button last July, which was basically a mini camera for your shirt or jacket that could be used for secretly recording video. And today the company started selling the second version [JP] of the Spy Button Camera whose main new feature is the sound recording function. Read More

  • Thanko's spy pen shoots video in HD

    Tokyo-based USB accessory specialist Thanko has a thing for spy gadgets. Just look at their spy button camera, the USB necktie with a built-in camera and the camera watch they developed in the last few months. Last July, Thanko started offering a a pen with an integrated micro camera. And today the company announced [JP] the so-called Super Slim Video Pen 2, which is a spy pen that shoots video… Read More

  • Thanko sells USB-powered "Hot Cat Gloves"

    Back in August, I blogged about Thanko’s Catgirl Earphones, which were shaped like cat ears. And today, the notorious Tokyo-based USB gadget maker started selling the so-called Hot Cat Gloves [JP]. A big day for the Cosplay crowd, especially those with a penchant for dressing up as a catgirl. These things may appear totally silly, but Thanko says that the Catgirl Earphones from the… Read More

  • AV Bank Dodeka: Thanko's pretty decent looking 7-inch media player

    Tokyo-based crap USB gadget vendor Thanko does roll out devices from time to time that are not that crappy. And their so-called AV Bank Dodeka [JP], a media player that boasts a 7-inch screen (iPhone: 3.5 inches), seems to be one of those. It’s a major upgrade to the AV Bank Thanko started selling just last month. The Dodeka’s LTPS screen has a 800×480 resolution and can double as… Read More

  • CrunchGear visits Thanko's new USB flagship store in Akihabara (photo report)

    USB-powered neckties, slippers, boob warmers, spy button cameras and tons of other ludicrous stuff: Thanko [JP], Japan’s (and possibly the world’s) most notorious maker of USB gadgets (most of which nobody really needs) never disappoints in the silliness department. The company closed their English online store just last month but continues to impress business-wise by opening a… Read More

  • Thanko rolls out not one but two spy cams

    Tokyo-based USB gadget maker today started selling two spy cameras, the so-called Camera Cap [JP] and the LED Spy Light [JP]. While it’s a bit of a stretch to call the latter a spy accessory, the bizarre cap can surely be used for undercover reconnaissance and other shenanigans. As to be expected, both gadgets are kind of silly and powered by USB. Read More

  • Thanko doesn't stop, now sells USB cat paw gloves

    Tokyo’s best gadget maker Thanko seems to be on a roll this winter. They already released a couple of USB-powered slippers, gloves and similar crap gadgets. Their newest offering is the Nekotan, a pair of USB-powered black cat paw gloves [JP]. No, I don’t get it either. Read More

  • Thanko announces not one but two USB-powered, heated slippers

    It’s Thanko time again. The Tokyo-based company, famous for gadgets like the USB-powered boob warmer, the USB eye warmer or the USB gloves, is now offering not one [JP] but two [JP] USB-powered, heated slippers – just in time for winter. I can’t decide which one is uglier, but maybe you can. Read More