• How To Fix Tech’s H-1B Problem Crunch Network

    How To Fix Tech’s H-1B Problem

    I’m a Canadian who has spent a sizable fraction of his adult life working in the USA, so immigration, especially as it relates to the tech industry, is a pretty personal subject. I was at a Waterloo Engineering alumnus event in San Francisco this week, and, inevitably, the arc of every conversation bent towards immigration, and how Kafkaesque it can be, even for us fortunate Canadians. Read More

  • Snapdeal Gets Backing From Tata Figurehead In India’s Hot E-Commerce Market

    Snapdeal Gets Backing From Tata Figurehead In India’s Hot E-Commerce Market

    On the heels of Flipkart raising an eye-popping $1 billion, here’s one more sign of the landgrab going on in the Indian e-commerce market today. Its rival Snapdeal has raised yet more outside investment, for the third time this year, this time from Ratan Tata, the chairman emeritus of Indian conglomerate Tata Group. The amount is undisclosed but we are trying to find out (and will… Read More

  • World's least expensive car, India's Tata Nano, now available: Less than $2,000

    The world’s least expensive car, India’s Tata Nano, was introduced a little more than a year ago, and it’s now available for purchase. That car, which starts at a mere 100,000 rupees (around $1,982), is supposed to help bring modern, automobile transportation to, initially, India’s less affluent. It’ll be released in other regions in the coming years. Read More

  • Indian corp teaches a lesson in launching WiMax network

    This photo has nothing to do with WiMax and everything to do with tennis players in local garb Well someone’s taking this WiMax thing seriously. Someone, donchta know, in India. Tata, the giant Indian corp responsible for the $2,000 car and $20 cellphone, says it plans to have a WiMax network up and running by March, 2009. The network will cover… Read More

  • Tata Nano, the world's least expensive car

    [photopress:tatanano.jpg,full,center] Meet the world’s least expensive car, the Nano. The car costs only $2,500, gets 50 miles per gallon and is supposed to bring the gift of rapid transportation to the world’s poor. It also looks a lot like Biggs’ car, which we often tease him about. Made in India, the manual transmission Nano, created and designed by Tata, has a 33… Read More