• Tascam debuts a pair of small soundboards for podcasters

    Tascam debuts a pair of small soundboards for podcasters

    The name “MiniStudio” should give you a pretty clear idea of what you’re in for with Tascam’s new offerings. The two devices are essentially little boards designed to recreate a radio studio on a small scale at home for podcasting purposes. Both boards are Windows and Mac compatible, connecting to a computer (and powering) via USB, and using the Apple Camera Kit… Read More

  • TASCAM's GT-R1 lets you play the guitar/bass poorly wherever you are

    Like many of that age, my junior high self was completely convinced that a guitar was an instant ticket to Awesomeville. I’d learn a chord or two and find myself surrounded by groupies and body guards, my only responsibility being finding new places to put my piles of money. Life would be easy. Turns out, I couldn’t play the guitar for crap. If I had TASCAM’s GT-R1, it all… Read More

  • Tascam DAP Is A Godsend For Musicians

    Apparently the brand Tascam is “big” in the music community, as Vince just went off in our chat room on how great it is. Tascam designed this DAP, the MP-VT1, with musicians in mind, which is while you’ll find a line out and a microphone jack there. It has other features only musicians could appreciate, like Variable Speed Audition, which slows songs down without changing… Read More