• Camera+ Records An App Double-Double: 1 Million Downloads, 1 Million In Revenue

    Increasingly, you hear about huge download numbers of popular mobile applications. But few give out actual revenue numbers that are equally impressive. The reason for this is obvious: most simply don’t have impressive revenues. And part of the reason for that is that many of the biggest apps are free. But TapTapTap long ago decided that model wasn’t for them when it comes to their… Read More

  • FutureTap Taps TapTapTap's "Where To" iPhone Application

    iPhone application developer tap tap tap recently announced the sale of its ‘Where To’ application, which allows you to use your device to find points of interest based on your location, but didn’t specify who the buyer was. We now know that the acquiring party is a brand new iPhone app development house called FutureTap, who put the app back on sale and plans to release… Read More