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The history of innovation in recruitment technology and services

2016 is a watershed moment for the recruitment industry. LinkedIn and Monster are being acquired, and CareerBuilder is for sale -- three of the highest-profile tech companies in the space. Microsoft i

Employment in China’s tech industry

Despite murmurs of tumult and slowdown in the Chinese economy, the fact remains that China’s economic engine has been on a tear -- at roughly 6.5 percent or more for the last six years. Much of this

Fishing in the dead pool

Josh Rochlin Contributor Josh Rochlin recently retired from IBM. He was the CEO of Xtify and later the big fish @ IBM’s mobile engagement business. Josh can be found on the Prowler 5 off the Atlanti

Military veterans provide a new competitive advantage for tech companies

Ask any Silicon Valley CEO what some of their biggest challenges are and you likely will hear “finding and retaining great people.” Tech is booming, yet it remains incredibly hard to attract and k

Silicon Valley Keeps Winning Because Non-Competes Limit Innovation

Facebook Hires Team From Android Photosharing App Dev Lightbox To Quiet Mobile Fears

Facebook has just <a href="http://blog.lightbox.com/post/23107101360/lightbox-is-joining-facebook">closed a deal</a> to hire the all the employees (except for one) from Android photosharing app develo

42Floors’ PDA: The War For Talent Among Startups Needs A New Approach. Here’s Why

Startups do the darndest things. As you may or may not have seen, Y Combinator startup 42Floors made a bold and fairly unprecedented move today -- as hiring goes, in any case. 42Floors Co-founder Jaso