• Crash This Party and See Nerds Mating in the Wild

    It’s been well documented that there aren’t as many women working in Silicon Valley and technology companies as we’d all like. Moving the conversation beyond raising awareness about this thing we’re all aware of, Kleiner Perkins’ partner Aileen Lee recently wrote a smart guest post for us arguing the business case for why Valley companies and VCs should be… Read More

  • Sugar Inc. Buys Virtual Fashion Shopping Assistant MyPerfectSale

    Women’s media network Sugar Inc. has acquired MyPerfectSale, a virtual fashion shopping service. Terms of the deal were not dicslosed. MyPerfectSale is an an online shopping destination that sends over twelve million customized email sale alerts per month. On the site, you specify the brands, sizes of clothing, shoes and more; and the site will aggregate items from retail sales around… Read More

  • Sugar Inc. Raises $16 million, To Expand Into TV, Movies, Online Video

    Blog and media network Sugar Inc. will announce a third round of funding today, $16 million from Sequoia Capital. They are using at least some of the proceeds, they say, to buy out NBC, which invested $10 million in the company in June 2007. The NBC investment came with an advertising sales deal that the companies dissolved last year. The company has now raised a total of $31 million in… Read More

  • PopSugar Launches March Madness For Celebrities: PopSugar100

    Sugar Inc.’s flagship celebrity news and photo blog,
    PopSugar, has launched its 3rd annual PopSugar 100 tournament. It’s kind of like the NCAA’s March Madness, except this single-elimination contest is meant to determine who the most popular celebrities are in a given year. PopSugar chose 128 celebrities and divided them into four groups and then ranked them from 1 to 32. Read More

  • Sugar High: Sugar Inc Launches API And IMDB For Fashion

    Sugar Inc, the company behind a network of popular women-focused blogs that includes PopSugar, is announcing two major releases tonight that take advantage of its fashion-hungry userbase. The first, dubbed PopSugar’s CelebStyle, is positioning itself as an IMDB for style, analyzing outfits from many of television’s most popular shows. Sugar Inc is also announcing a new ShopStyle… Read More

  • Sugar Inc Breaks Up With NBC, Brings Ad Sales In House

    Fast growing women-focused blog network Sugar Inc announced that they’ve terminated their year-old ad sales relationship with NBC. All ad sales will now be via an in-house sales team, says the company. There was speculation that NBC’s recent investment in Blogher, arguably a competitor to Sugar, was to blame. But Sugar CEO Brian Sugar (guess where the company name came from) says… Read More

  • Chictopia Takes On Sugar Inc With "Everybody is Ugly"

    Chictopia, a social network focused on fashion, has launched a new online publishing network dubbed “Everybody is Ugly” that aims to take on Sugar Inc’s empire. The network features a number of online magazines directed towards various demographics, including Male Ugly (for men), Coed Ugly (college students), and Brit Ugly (for Europeans). The company says that each blog will… Read More

  • OMG, I Need Those Shoes! Sugar Acquires StarBrand

    Sugar Inc., the company behind PopSugar and a number of other blogs geared towards women, has acquired StarBrand Media. StarBrand provides an online marketplace for a number of major television shows, allowing viewers to purchase the clothes and props they see on TV. Los Angeles based StarBrand will help expand Sugar’s ShopStyle, an ecommerce site that they acquired last September. … Read More

  • Yahoo Shines A Light On Women 25 To 54

    Yahoo has launched Shine, a new content portal aimed at women aged 25 to 54. At its core, Shine is a large blog with magazine style layout. Content is broken up into various subcategories with the front page highlighting the newest content from across the site. Topic areas include parenting, sex and love, healthy living, food, career and money, entertainment, fashion, beauty, home life… Read More

  • More Misplaced Glam Exhuberance

    Ad network Glam got a glowing review from Jeff Jarvis today. And he’s not the only person out there that likes them – word is they closed the big round of financing they’ve been trying to raise, at a $450 million valuation. I mentioned that they were raising money in an August post. In that post I heavily criticized the company for trying to claim it was the largest womens… Read More

  • Introducing Digg-Like Voting To Celebrity Gossip Aficionados

    While Digg seems hard pressed to break out of its geek-infested niche, other sites are using Digg-like voting mechanisms to attack a much larger and much less tech savvy crowd: celebrity gossip aficionados. This evening the newest, Showhype, launches, joining a number of existing sites. More on each below: Lipstick: A Conde Naste site powered by Reddit, which Conde Naste acquired in late… Read More

  • Acquisition No. 2 For Sugar Inc.: Coutorture

    Sugar Inc., hot off their first acquisition (ShopStyle) two weeks ago, is announcing their second deal tonight – the purchase of fashion blog network Coutorture. Deal size is not being announced, but it was a mix of cash and stock. Coutorture has a network of 230 blogs written by readers, who compete for headline space on the main Coutorture site. The company has raised just a single… Read More

  • Sugar Publishing Acquires ShopStyle

    San Francisco based Sugar Publishing, a social network and group of women-focused blogs that we’ve covered since late 2006, is announcing the acquisition of ShopStyle, an ecommerce site, this evening. The price is not being disclosed. Sugar says they will integrate shopping into editorial via widgets that allow readers to buy items directly. Combined, the company’s claim 5… Read More

  • Sugar Publishing Raises New Round; Partners With NBC Universal

    Sugar Publishing, the company behind the hugely successful Team Sugar and ten or so other blogs aimed at the female demographic, will announce a new round of financing tomorrow. They are not disclosing the size of the round, but it is being led by NBC Universal, with participation from previous investor Sequioia Capital. They previously raised $5 million, on a rumored $12-15 million… Read More

  • Sequoia Invests in Blog Network Sugar Publishing

    Blog network Sugar Publishing (the most popular blog in the network is PopSugar) has raised “around $5 million” in a Series A round investment from Sequoia Capital. Michael Moritz will join the Team Sugar board of directors. No word on the valuation, although I suspect it’s in the $12-15 million range pre-money. Like all good rumors, the source of this one is a venture… Read More

  • Hear About PopSugar Yet?

    If you haven’t heard of San Francisco-based PopSugar yet, prepare yourself. You are going to start hearing about them a lot in the mainstream press. They are a blog network, and more recently a social network, targeting young, hip women (as well as a few guys that want to hang out with young, hip women). PopSugar was founded by husband-and-wife team Lisa and Brian Sugar. Lisa began… Read More