Introducing Digg-Like Voting To Celebrity Gossip Aficionados

While Digg seems hard pressed to break out of its geek-infested niche, other sites are using Digg-like voting mechanisms to attack a much larger and much less tech savvy crowd: celebrity gossip aficionados.

This evening the newest, Showhype, launches, joining a number of existing sites. More on each below:

Lipstick: A Conde Naste site powered by Reddit, which Conde Naste acquired in late 2006.

Dotspotter: Launched June 2006, and just acquired by CBS for $10 million.

: Described by Sugar Inc. CEO as “Digg for Chicks.” It launched last month and already has massive page views, thanks to the affiliated blogs that link into it. It covers everything from tech to fashion, from a woman’s point of view.

ShowHype: The newest of the bunch – it launches this evening. This is from the same Silicon Valley- based startup that launched BallHype in April. Users can see top news on the home page or drill down to keep track of specific movies, television shows or celebrities, all based on tagging.