Is cryptocurrency an alternative to remittances or an additive factor?

Is cryptocurrency an effective replacement for remittances? No, at least not yet.

Bitcoin gets slower, smaller and more like Ethereum

The MIT Bitcoin Expo is not really about Bitcoin, per se. Many other cryptocurrencies are discussed. Sometimes, warring factions find themselves in the same room.On the Friday night before the main ev

The Blockchain wallet plans a $125M airdrop of Stellar crypto to drive mainstream adoption

Blockchain, one of the world’s biggest crypto wallets, plans to give away a vast amount of cryptocurrency in a bold move to scale the adoption of crypto to a more mainstream audience. Blockchain

Veridium Labs teams with IBM and Stellar on carbon credit blockchain

Veridium Labs has been trying to solve a hard problem about how to trade carbon offset credits in an open market. The trouble is that more complex credits don’t have a simple value like a stock,

IBM is using the blockchain to speed up and simplify cross-border payments

The blockchain has long been seen as a method to quicken (and cheapen) cross-border payments, and now that movement — which includes a number of startups making moves privately — just got

A brief history of cryptocurrency drama, or, what could possibly DAO wrong?

It makes SILICON VALLEY look like C-SPAN -- and yet it’s a documentary. Yes, it's Cryptocurrency!, the show! You already know it's been the hit of the last half-decade in extreme-nerd, get-rich-quic

Virtual currencies create pathways for people in emerging economies

Immense hype surrounds virtual currencies and distributed ledgers these days. Maybe this is inevitable if you combine an inscrutable, cutting-edge technology, its enigmatic origins, and a flow of $1 b

Stellar Partners With Oradian To Bring Instant Money Transfer To Nigeria

Stellar, the Stripe-backed open-source payment network, has launched its first major integration in the form of a partnership with Oradian, a company that sells cloud-based software to micro finan

This Week On Bullish: How To Be Nonprofit On Purpose

Hello and welcome back to Bullish, TechCrunch’s first talk show and running attempt to see how much I can sweat inside of 10 minutes on a regular basis. This week we dug into a topic that is bot