This Week On Bullish: How To Be Nonprofit On Purpose

Hello and welcome back to Bullish, TechCrunch’s first talk show and running attempt to see how much I can sweat inside of 10 minutes on a regular basis.

This week we dug into a topic that is both near, and far from our hearts: Nonprofits, and their impact inside of the technology world. The concept is near to our hearts, as nonprofits are critical to large pieces of our economy and polity. The issue is far from our hearts because in Silicon Valley, naked greed is nearly held up as a virtue.

Such is 2015.

To help us dig into the issue, the excellent Joyce Kim dropped by the studio. Kim is currently working on Stellar, a digital method for value transfer that hopes to help the global non-elite move their money around without paying exorbitant fees.

The leadership consortium behind Stellar, the Stellar Development Foundation, is a nonprofit. I was infinitely curious as to how that impacts its operations, fundraising, and hiring. Can you be a nonprofit shop in this time and age and still attract the talent you need to push technology forward?

At the same time, where does altruism fit or sort inside of our current climate. Is there any space for it at all? Let’s find out.

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