• Will Rockwell's Steampunk Creations | TechCrunch Makers

    TC Makers: Inside Will Rockwell’s Steampunk Workshop

    Hidden amidst the winding pathways of Llewelyn Park, New Jersey, America’s oldest gated community, steampunk designer Will Rockwell is building a future that never was. He began his career as a TV producer but he always loved to tinker with metals, leather, and wood – the three components of good steampunk. After building a set of Rocketeer-style USB keys, friends turned him on… Read More

  • Homemade Combination-Secured Flash Drive Is Steampunk Done Right

    Once again, an example of how Steampunk can actually be pulled off. This one-off flash drive was created by a Russian guy, who modeled it in 3D, had the components cast or printed, and then assembled it himself (you can see the whole project here). The wheels spin and lock or unlock the drive, which slides out a la one of the rugged drives I reviewed a while back. Very cool. This man needs… Read More

  • "Rotary Mechanical" Cell Phone Concept Isn't Practical, But It Looks Great

    Now, I’m as tired of steampunk as the next guy (unless the next guy works at BoingBoing), but that doesn’t mean I’m going to pretend something like this Rotary Mechanical concept isn’t cool. Steampunk got cool because of stuff like this, not people gluing brass fittings onto their top hats. Read More

  • Louis Moinet Astralis Watch

    New from Louis Moinet is the Astralis – a nice tourbillon based watch that is a bitch to photograph. I swear, it is as though the watch keeps saying to me “I am for private eyes” only. There are going to be only 12 of these in the limited edition so that sort of makes sense? The watch isn’t really that dark, but the dial color and cured sapphire crystal say… Read More

  • This CD Player Is A Late Addition To The Steampunk Movement

    This is either a steampunk CD player or an evil pneumatic crab. I’m hoping the latter of the two. Can’t you just picture a horde of the little guys angrily chasing after protagonist in a Beauty and the Beast steampunk mashup? Too bad it’s not. Read More

  • Cacheux Elephant Automatic Watch

    This is a watch that I really never thought was going to be made. It started out as a concept watch called the “Galibier” based upon a concept car from Bugatti with the same name. Fabien Cacheux designed it to have a perlage decorated “drum case,” Bugatti logo, and an interesting strap system. Less than a year later, a more practical version of the piece is being… Read More

  • An Interview With Japanese Steampunk Artist Haruo Suekichi

    Japanese watch maker Haruo Suekichi is famous for his unique, steampunk style timepieces. Each of the amazing watches is handmade by Suekichi himself, even though he doesn’t have any formal education and actually started his career by hawking the first watches at flea markets. Guest writer Natsuki Yamada sat down with Suekichi in his studio in Tokyo earlier this month to conduct the… Read More

  • Warren Lich concept trailer

    Loyal readers, I give you a Steampunk Sin City concept made on 1000 Euros. Now if one of you could kindly tell me what in the world is going on in it? via [Dvorak Uncensored] Read More

  • Here's a steampunk computer mouse for your enjoyment

    And you thought the steampunk movement died years ago. Nope, it’s still alive and well in some circles on the World Wide Web and this stunning computer mouse proves it has a right to live. Look at it. Everything from the mouse buttons, to the braided cord, to the USB port gets me going. Too bad it will likely be plugged into a Dell laptop or something just as mundane. Read More

  • Adding a brass hinge to your notebook does not make it steampunk

    Nice fix, fella, but did you know that most of the time you can tighten the lid’s hinge? Oh, you wanted to be part of the steampunk movement. Well, you fail. Read More

  • Steampunk broadcast controller will get you kicked off of the set

    It’s hard to get much attention at major conferences and it seems that Hi Tech Systems has figured out a way to make a bit of a stir. They created a steampunk console that uses their own products inside a case that looks like it belongs in H.G. Well’s sex toy drawer. Read More

  • This mouse is made from a sheep skull

    Ah, wonderful — skulls of dead animals used as interface devices for personal computers. My favorite! This time, we have the skull of a poor, dead sheep, all steampunked up and ready for action. Read More

  • This steampunk flash drive makes the meme sexy again

    The steampunk movement is officially dead – except on Warehouse 13 – but this handmade flash drive is still eff’n cool. Apparently some of the gears even move when the flash drive is powered. The Russian maker used some old clock and electronic parts found at a “rag fair.” All I know is that it’s sweet and I want one. [ via English Russia]
    Read More

  • Behold a steampunk guitar amp

    If you’re going to practice guitar for several hours a day, you might as well have a really cool looking amp to use. The attention to detail in the instructions is pretty impressive. This would look great with the steampunk Stratocaster. Read More

  • Construct your very own steampunk rifle

    This instructable is labeled as a “fancy steampunk blunderbuss rifle,” but we won’t go into the many reasons it isn’t a blunderbuss rifle model. Chances are the builder just liked the name blunderbuss and forgot about the part where those guns had short barrels and didn’t need a scope since they fire scatter shot. Still, this steampunk rifle isn’t that hard… Read More

  • Retrowerk Steempank watch for you, comrade? I have nice price!

    Listen, what you spend your money on in your own spare time is your own business, but I wouldn’t strap this watch to roadkill. It’s got an automatic ETA 2824 movement but all that steel is going to look mighty ugly once dirt gets in the crannies. Then there’s the price: $1024 for this is pretty steep. Read More

  • Act now & this $1,200 Steampunk keyboard could be yours!

    Is this Steampunk keyboard, the Aviator, worth $1,200 to you? It looks unique, sure, but in my world a keyboard is a merely a tool; there’s no need for flashing, Las Vegas lights or clankity-clank keys. Anyhow, one of these Aviators is available right now since someone cancelled its purchase last minute. It’s a build-to-order kind of thing. via Born Rich Read More

  • Steampunk phone does nothing useful, is very cool

    Here’s a Steampunk phone prototype by designer Arthur Schmitt. You make calls using binary punchcards. Punchcards! There are also some dials and a metal grill-type earpiece. The backside of the device seems to contain some sort of rolling counter that likely either keeps track of call duration or gives you the time. Read More

  • Steampunk Japanese watch: I'm over this meme

    Haruo Suekichi made this. It is a watch. I am so totally over steampunk. Read More

  • 100-year-old Adix calculator: elegant, beautiful, and practical

    Apologies to our friend from the Seattle meetup who hates steampunk; this was too great to pass up (and not strictly steampunk). This wonderful little machine was state-of-the-art in 1903, when it was used for adding up columns. That’s really all it can do; it has no functions other than addition because the mechanism is so simple and elegant, each paddle shifts a gear a certain… Read More