• Netflix Streaming Margins Are 11 Percent, DVD Margins Are 52 Percent

    Netflix Streaming Margins Are 11 Percent, DVD Margins Are 52 Percent

    If you look closely at Netflix’s fourth quarter earnings, it will become clear why the company wanted to split its DVD and streaming businesses. This is the first quarter that the company is splitting out each business and reporting revenues, profits, and margins separately. While the streaming business is growing (adding 220 subscribers domestically in the quarter), and the DVD… Read More

  • Netflix, now with 9 million subscribers, still trying to figure out how to make money off streaming

    Flickr’d So now Netflix has 9 million subscribers. A million here, a million there, sooner or later we’re talking about real people. If there’s a silver lining to the company’s success, it’s that the new streaming service, which works quite well on the Xbox 360, costs the company money, with CFO Barry McCarthy calling it a “tax on the P&L [Profit and… Read More

  • Hulu – remember Hulu? – to show Super Bowl ads post-game

    Hulu, I said! Hulu! Go ahead and skip the Super Bowl tomorrow, friends: Hulu will have all of the commercials on there for your streaming pleasure after the game, ensuring you don’t miss a single whimsical ad or a Miller Lite ad involving two women who fight with a gnome of his secret goldmine of beer. I should be in advertising. Advertisers are paying $2.7 million for… Read More

  • Tables Turned Audibot

    No, it’s not a new transforming sports coupe. It’s a Linux-based broadcasting box that connects to the internet and streams any audio source and then makes it available for download via iTunes or any RSS compatible MP3 service. The device costs $1200 in the Pro version and $600 for a “reborn” version that is made from a scavenged old PC. The company also offers a… Read More