Netflix Streaming Margins Are 11 Percent, DVD Margins Are 52 Percent

If you look closely at Netflix's <a href="">fourth quarter earnings</a>, it will become

Netflix, now with 9 million subscribers, still trying to figure out how to make money off streaming

Flickr’d So now Netflix has 9 million subscribers. A million here, a million there, sooner or later we’re talking about real people. If there’s a silver lining to the company’s

Hulu – remember Hulu? – to show Super Bowl ads post-game

Hulu, I said! Hulu! Go ahead and skip the Super Bowl tomorrow, friends: Hulu will have all of the commercials on there for your streaming pleasure after the game, ensuring you don’t miss a singl

Tables Turned Audibot

No, it’s not a new transforming sports coupe. It’s a Linux-based broadcasting box that connects to the internet and streams any audio source and then makes it available for download via iT