LightStep emerges from stealth with a tool for application performance monitoring

LightStep, a company which has developed a new tool for application performance management, has emerged from stealth with a $29 million dollar war chest. The company, founded by ex-Google engineer Ben

JASK emerges from stealth with $12 million and an automated threat detection service

JASK is emerging from stealth today with $12 million in the bank and a machine learning technology that automates network monitoring and management for overtaxed security teams. The thesis behind JASK

Jay Adelson Is Recruiting On Facebook. Is It For His Own Startup?

For anyone that has followed Silicon Valley for the past ten years, Jay Adelson is a name that you know quite well. He's best known for his work with Digg, during its heyday. After moving into the CEO

Ustream, Booyah Co-founders Team Up On Stealth Startup With $1.5M From Greylock, Kevin Rose & More

Back in November, <a href="">Ustream</a> Co-founder and longtime CEO <a href="">John Ham</a> stepped down from the company he had helped

Project X Designs “Stealth” Customized Rolex Watch

<img src="">Project X Designs has no relationship with Rolex, but rather take new Rolex timepieces and perform various modificati

Stealth: The Arcade Table With 60 Built-In Games

<img src="" />The following probably only applies to people with plenty of extra cash laying about. It's the Arcade Tables Stealth,

XDA Stealth Sliding WM5 Smartphone Clears FCC

<img src=", and a mini USB connector. No word on which carrier will be launching it in the States (most likely Cingular or T-Mobile). XDA Ste