Jay Adelson Is Recruiting On Facebook. Is It For His Own Startup?

For anyone who has followed Silicon Valley for the past 10 years, Jay Adelson is a name that you know quite well. He’s best known for his work with Digg┬áduring its heyday, as well as Revision3. After moving into the CEO position at SimpleGeo, which has since been acquired by Urban Airship, we’re told that Adelson is ready to make another run at a startup.

Multiple sources tell us that Adelson posted in a private Facebook group for former Digg employees last night, suggesting that he’s re-entering the startup world, and is doing some recruiting as well.

We’ve reached out to Adelson for comment, and if you’ve heard anything, please send it over to drew@beta.techcrunch.com.

If Adelson is indeed working on a new startup, it will be interesting to see which vertical he settles in on. Having done quite a bit to democratize news with Digg as CEO, video publishing and production, working on data infrastructure and geo-location, something equally big isn’t out of the question. So it’s stealth mode for now until we’re told differently.

I for one am happy to see Adelson back in the game.

UPDATE: We connected with Jay Adelson directly, and he has no comment to share at this time.

[Photo credit: Flickr]