• Amazon/Statsaholic Dispute Just Got A Lot More Complicated

    The Amazon/Statsaholic dispute went from a simple UDRP domain name dispute to a full blown lawsuit last week (pdf of lawsuit is here). Statsaholic, formerly called Alexaholic, offered Alexa traffic data graphs to users with a much better interface than Alexa did themselves. Despite the fact that Amazon complimented the service early on, they eventually moved to shut it down based on… Read More

  • Amazon's War on Statsaholic

    Statsaholic (formerly Alexaholic) launched a year ago and provided much easier access to Alexa traffic data than the Alexa site itself. Statsaholic also had other features Alexa didn’t offer, like embeddable graphs and data smoothing. Others agreed, and soon started linking to Statsaholic instead of Alexa when doing traffic comparisons. At one point, Alexa was the no. 3 search result… Read More

  • Amazon Forcing Name Change at Alexaholic

    Alexa junkies have been using Alexaholic for over a year now. It’s a much better and faster way of accessing Alexa site traffic data and trends than Alexa itself, and is an example of a small startup using Amazon’s own web service in a much better way than they do themselves. Alexaholic is now the no. 3 search result for Alexa on Google, after Alexa itself and Wikipedia’s… Read More

  • Alexa Junkies Rejoice

    For those Alexa junkies out there, Ron Hornbaker emailed to tell me about his newly launched Alexaholic, a strikingly better front end for accessing Alexa data. It’s much faster than Alexa, allows for easy adding and removing of sites and has additional features such as “data smoothing”. Alexaholic also provides a code snippet to include an alexa chart in a web page. Read More