Ahead of next Starship launch, SpaceX hires key NASA human spaceflight head

SpaceX has hired NASA’s former head of human spaceflight Kathy Lueders as the company continues to develop its Starship launch system to return humans to the moon and beyond. The news was first

Space startups need to start preparing for a post-Starship world

SpaceX's Starship is poised to change the launch industry — and give space startup founders much to consider.

FAA failed to fully assess environmental effects of Starship, lawsuit alleges

A coalition of advocacy groups has filed a lawsuit against the U.S. Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) over its handling of the environmental assessment of SpaceX’s launch plans in southeast Texa

SpaceX’s Starship didn’t self-destruct immediately as planned during test launch

SpaceX’s recent Starship test flight, the first during which it flew with its Super Heavy orbital booster, was a bit more of a mess than it even appeared when it ended with a large explosion. Du

SpaceX’s successful failure is a wake-up call for Starship’s timeline

SpaceX launched a fully integrated Starship launch vehicle for the first time on Thursday morning, a long-awaited and highly anticipated milestone in the vehicle development program. The orbital test

SpaceX launches fully stacked Starship for the first time

SpaceX has launched its fully stacked version of Starship, including the upper stage and the Super Heavy booster, for the first time. The combined launch vehicle stands at nearly 400 feet tall, and th

Another Starship explosion would be bad news for nearby park managers

Tomorrow’s Starship orbital flight test may well go explosively wrong, and SpaceX’s less than stellar coordination with officials responsible for overseeing debris cleanup at nearby state parks co

SpaceX transitions today’s Starship orbital flight test to wet dress rehearsal

SpaceX has just announced that today’s orbital flight test attempt of the Starship launch system will now be a wet dress rehearsal, due to a frozen pressure valve. That means countdown will conc

Watch SpaceX try to fly a fully stacked Starship for the first time

In a few short hours, SpaceX will attempt to fly its fully integrated Starship launch system for the first time from the company’s massive base on Texas’s southeastern coast. While SpaceX

FAA grants launch license to SpaceX, clearing way for Starship orbital flight test

The U.S. Federal Aviation Administration has issued a launch license to SpaceX for the Starship orbital flight test, which could now take place as soon as Monday. A 150-minute test window will open at

Hype grows for SpaceX’s Starship orbital flight test, but barriers remain

More and more hype is building for the first orbital flight test of Starship, SpaceX’s ultra-heavy launch system. That hype has started to reach a crescendo this week as the U.S. Federal Aviation Ad

With Starship testing, SpaceX moves one step closer to making science fiction a reality

SpaceX is poised to conduct a wet dress rehearsal of the Starship launch system from its Starbase site in southeastern Texas, a major milestone in CEO Elon Musk’s quest to turn long-haul interplanet

The last mile

I don’t love devoting the first several paragraphs of this newsletter to Amazon every week, but no one is making waves — both good and bad — in the robotics space quite like the little mom-and-p

SpaceX’s Starship hits another milestone with booster static fire test

SpaceX just got one step closer to the first orbital test flight of its launch system Starship with the successful static fire test of a prototype Super Heavy booster late Tuesday afternoon. That boos

SpaceX’s Starship booster engines explode in test gone wrong

SpaceX’s Starship program encountered a setback after a test ended in a fiery explosion at its Boca Chica development facility in Texas on Monday night. The test was being conducted using a prot

SpaceX will not be making any more new Crew Dragon capsules

SpaceX will no longer be making new Crew Dragons, the spacecraft that ferries astronauts to and from the International Space Station, and will instead focus on reusing the fleet of four already in exi

Elon Musk’s SpaceX Starship event leaves a lot of questions around the company’s big rocket

Elon Musk delivered an update on the company’s progress and plans for Starship, its next-generation launch spacecraft, from the Starship development site in Boca Chica, Texas. Musk had an impres

Max Q: Elon Musk talks Starship, envisions first orbital launch in January 2022

Hello and welcome back to Max Q, your very favorite space news digest. A ton happened this week — launches, financing deals, contract awards, etc., etc. — so let’s dive in. Send thou

SpaceX aims to conduct first orbital flight of Starship in January, Musk says

SpaceX has been advancing the development of Starship, the largest ultra-super-heavy reusable launch system ever designed in history, at a jaw-dropping pace — and CEO Elon Musk is “comfortable”

Elon Musk says Starship should be ready for first orbital launch next month, ‘pending regulatory approval’

SpaceX’s Starship rocket is still in development in southeast Texas, with major progress being made on key elements like the launch tower construction, and installation of the vacuum-rated Rapto
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